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Order a Certificate of Good Standing

You may order a certificate of good standing for the following corporation as of the date set forth below.

ArcaMax Publishing, Inc.

Upon payment of the fees, the certificate of good standing will be immediately generated in PDF format and made available for you to print or save to your computer. It will also be stored in your SCC eFile account under "My eFile Transaction History" where you can retrieve it and print additional copies at any time. The certificate of good standing generated in SCC eFile will include a unique identification number that may be used to verify its authenticity.

A fee of $6.00 is charged for each certificate of good standing.

Notice related to a corporation that filed articles of domestication or entity conversion: A certificate of good standing produced by SCC eFile for a Virginia corporation that was previously formed under the laws of another state or jurisdiction or converted from a different entity type will indicate that the entity was formed on the effective date of the filing of the articles of domestication or entity conversion with the Commission. To obtain a certificate that includes the original date of the entity’s formation, submit a written request to the Clerk’s Office.

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